Monday, December 1, 2014

Ok it's mystery time

It's time for the Bonnie K Hunter mystery Grand Illusions, I have succumbed and made 1/4 of the amount for the first clue as I don't want a large quilt. I will make more units as reequired. We will see if I keep up or collect and put together later. I have followed her colours but my pink is a deep pink/red almost burgundy as pink is not one of my favorites.

 Spud is not sure of the christmas tree my girls have chosen to put up. He thinks it might bite him!!
Hope you are all prepared for christmas, and can enjoy the time up until then.
I am going to Link up here  and see what everyone else has done.


Vireya said...

It is fun! I'm only doing a quarter as well, so that I can join in the fun. I wouldn't want to miss it all just because I don't need another big quilt.

Cathi said...

What a great picture of Spud!
I'm going to be really interested in seeing how your mystery quilt turns out.