Friday, April 4, 2014



I had a significant birthday this year and some of my friends got together and gave me a voucher for some wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills and some tea, a special blend as I cannot eat much in the way of chocolate these days.

Simone, yes I know another with the same name made me a special beautiful miniature for my birthday,
 Front and Back, Love the backing material. I think it is moda maybe 3 sisters?
We had a lovely dinner at a local Indian restaurant as well. A very good evening was had by all.
Finally Boo boy is keeping me company nearby while I write this. I have been concentrating on some knitting I have had on the needles for a while now. Its a long cap sleeved jacket with a large collar and I have had 2 starts on the collar so far. Must remember to do the patterned knitting when fresh and wide awake!