Thursday, August 18, 2011


I had some problems after I had finished ironing some fabric and freezer paper for Inklingo printing the other day.
A couple of helpers decided they wanted the ironing board.
Now I have to clean off the fur before I iron the clothes and fabric!!!
Love them but still they can make housework a little hard.
Maybe this means I can use this as an excuse not to iron??

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pets On Quilts Show

Welcome to the Pets on Quilts Show Hosted by SewCalGal .
Here are the Maine Coons who just have to be involved. When they get involved I have to move carefully those paws are BIG. They came to us after being terrorized by 3 dogs. They are big beautiful characters who chat and love laps and to be involved in everything we do.

Bess on a quilt top trying it out for size.

If she had a try I have to help too mum. You missed this bit if the quilting.....

 Yes it's comfortable, thanks.

Bess also overseas the ironing, although paws must stay away from the iron.
 This runner is pretty and suits me mum. But it needs to be a little longer, add more squares like these ones mum.
I love the fur babies and they love being involved and around their people. So I will have many more years of quilts and cats to come.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This is block one of a seven sisters mini quilt which I was completing over our retreat weekend.
I used Inklingo to print all the pieces for this block. 2 pieces of freezer paper and no pencil marking!
The diamonds measure .5" on a side so it is cute and small.

 I also completed a couple of little purses for cards, I found the pattern at a shop on the way to my retreat. Very cute and very fast to machine.

Last but not least our Maine Coon Bess loves boxes:-


We went on Retreat to a YMCA camp on the weekend and had a lovely time stitching and chatting. We were entertained with a blue wren and his harem flitting outside the lage windows of the room we were in, and if you went outside you could hear them chatting to each other.

Below is a block I am working on for a small quilt. I printed the shapes via Inklingo rotary cut them and am hand piecing them.