Sunday, January 15, 2017

En Provence & willpower

En Provence is proving to me that some quilts have a life of their own! First  the colours I wanted to use ended up mostly back in their boxes, family & xmas overtook us then when I did get the components done and the reveal happened I had to go back to make more. I had only done 1/2 as I wanted to make a smaller quilt, good, done. Layout I thought went ok but when webbing the top it came to me I had forgotten some of the outer star points - all of the red ones! How I don't know I am not colour blind - at least I didn't think so. Finally a top all webbed (with some corrections on the way). Took it home & showed my daughter who promptly showed me 3 more mistakes, I made her check the whole quilt for more & she found another 4!
This is my progress 1/2 quilt still webbed but progressing. Love the colours I did end up with a bright quilt for the Australian Summer. It might have a new name too- Coral Summer. Enjoy

Part 6 

I finished it before the deadline !!!!!! yay

Part 7 & my Reveal. Bess ends this post - you can do anything even if your space is very small.
and the link back: En Provence part 6 & 7
And the Linkup for the Finale:En Provence Finale. All t.he quilts are wonderful and there are some colour variations I would love to have tried. Next quilt enjoy.

Monday, December 26, 2016

En Provence Part 5

We Aussies were very lucky to start clue 5 early (if we but realized it was up) . I had mine started and done on the night before christmas eve. which was fortunate as we have had my FIL pass Christmas Eve. So it has been busy here & will be for the next little while.
I am enjoying the mystery & looking forward to seeing my quilt emerge. It's fun & I am enjoying this.
and Lady just woken looking grumpy.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

En Provence pt4

It is sunday here, saturday for those in America. I have completed part 4 - I am only doing half the amount of blocks as I want a smaller quilt so I have an advantage. I am loving those reds I am using.
 and as usual when I am sitting in the lounge writing this my faithful companion Spud was sitting beside me!
I am looking forward to the monday link-up, in 2 days time.  And here is the link back to the monday link up part 4:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

En Provence - at last

I have done the last 3 Bonnie K. Hunter mysteries & this year is no different. Just running late as I was away visiting family when part 1 came out.
I had decided to do a smaller quilt starting with half of the amount of each of the clues, if I need more after the reveal I can do this.
I wanted a different look to the fabrics so changed most of the colours.
I am using red & coral/orange as my purples, green as my constant, magenta as my green & turquoise as my yellow. As well as the neutrals boring beige maybe but it will give it a lift!
 The Black & whites in the photo will not be included in the quilt I am using beige instead.
Part one Done!
Part two Done!

and Part 3 Done!

Not bad for starting late but easy as I am doing less and am on holiday, progress will be slower after this week, cause it's back to work I go.
And what would my blog be without a cat or two, these are laws & cleopatrick my BIL & SIL's 2 cats. Big beautiful friendly boys both of them. And the link back to Bonnie's Link-up part 3.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Completed just in time....Winters here

Thanks to my friends I have completed this Beautiful Aran Cardigan this week just in time for Winter.

Front                                    and                                    Back

This is the start of my new knitted wardrobe. The pattern is from a U.K. magazine and the wool is 'Luxury' from Bendigo Woollen Mills in a slate grey 10ply so it's very thick & warm. This is the first cardi/jumper that I have blocked before sewing it up.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Grand Illusions top finished!

Grand Illusions as a top is complete, I only made a 3 x 3 block quilt as I don't have the time to do the bigger version.Boy oh boy is it bright and my daughter said it makes her eyes go funny.
I used  only a few fabrics and mainly solids. It is bright and cheery and definitly suits the Australian climate with the bright sun we get here. Not my usual colours and I changed the border around, challenging myself. It made a nice change to get out of the usual ruts.

Because of only doing the 3 blocks across I did have to change the corner borders, so I have 2 different styles around the quilt, this is what patchwork is all about isn't it! Thanks Bonnie for your time and effort to help s produce these interesting quilts. This is my third and I will be checking in again this year.

Lady got brushed last night so where is she today? getting the fur tangled again with an eagle eye out for mum just in case I get the brush out again.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas to all

Not much in the way of crafting has been done this last few weeks, hope to rectify that soon in the meanwhile it's getting hotter here & I am still knitting an aran cardigan for me with the wool I got for my birthday this year. I should finish it in time for winter!!
May you all enjoy your Christmas with the nearest & dearest.

Spud sure looks like a christmas cat doesn't he!