Friday, April 4, 2014



I had a significant birthday this year and some of my friends got together and gave me a voucher for some wool from the Bendigo Woollen Mills and some tea, a special blend as I cannot eat much in the way of chocolate these days.

Simone, yes I know another with the same name made me a special beautiful miniature for my birthday,
 Front and Back, Love the backing material. I think it is moda maybe 3 sisters?
We had a lovely dinner at a local Indian restaurant as well. A very good evening was had by all.
Finally Boo boy is keeping me company nearby while I write this. I have been concentrating on some knitting I have had on the needles for a while now. Its a long cap sleeved jacket with a large collar and I have had 2 starts on the collar so far. Must remember to do the patterned knitting when fresh and wide awake!


Libster said...

glad to see you got some nice wool that you were after :)

Christine M said...

I'm glad too. And it's so much nicer in person than the photo shows!