Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Goodies


Thanks to a couple of my crafty friends I have some lovely christmas pressies:
These are from Christine from MacDonald's Patch. The teapot holds enough for 2 cups and has it's own
strainer inside to contain the tea leaves. She knows I love cats and made the Mug Rug to match. The little tree I had to take off my big tree as that is where it spent the afternoon yesterday. Thank you very much.

The wool pin cushion is from Melody of The house on the side of the hill. It came with some pins already in too!. The chocolate I am saving for a late night snack one night. Thank you Mel.
I hope you all got some lovely pressies and enjoyed christmas with family and friends.


marina said...

lovely pressies from some lovely friends.

Maddy said...

Always nice to receive a special gift from good friends.

Jindi's Cottage said...

Lovely pressies...perfect size teapot for a spot of afternoon tea, cute mug too...lovely pincushion too...enjoy...

Anonymous said...

lovely gifts i got one of those xmas tree decorations fron Christine as well,they are so pretty.xx