Saturday, June 2, 2012

Autumn and Friends

Well it's now autumn well and truly, the colder weather is here. I have been working on some knitting and quilting an Amish style quilt I started some time ago. I have been to a tea cosy exhibition with some fellow bloggers and I look forward to seeing what they are doing in this colder weather. The cow tea cosy above was one I couldn't resist taking a photo of. The face is completely composed of beads, and looks amazing.

This is an Inklingo New York Beauty 02 pattern. I couldn't resist the shapes and have the number 1 & 3 collections as well. They might get printed tomorrow and hopefully I can finish some more. They are addictive and very pretty.

Meanwhile there are some nights which I find it difficult to do any quilting at all and have to do some hand piecing or nothing. There is aprox 15 kilos of feline parked on my lap in this photo. All we are missing is the other maine coon. Thank heaven she doesn't want a lap at this stage!
I must admit it is very warm under all that fur but it does make getting a cuppa a little difficult!


marina said...

Lovely to see the pic of our fun get together again.
Will look forward to seeing your Amish style quilt too.
Great pic of your living lap throws. I hope you get 'chair service' when you are hosting the lap in?

Jindi's Cottage said...

It was a great fun day...nice to be reminded of it again :)...oooh Amish style, looking forward to seeing that. Who needs a lap quilt when you have cats! I can imagine they would not be impressed when you dare to move for a cuppa!

Melody said...

How fabulous to read your post. I'm so glad you are part of our bloggy group. I love seeing those fabulous kitties.