Monday, April 9, 2012

Snack Quilt top

My Inklingo snack quilt top is finally completed. Thank you Linda for the Pattern. This has been a work in progress for
a couple of years now, something I pick up and put down. Taken to meetings and DR's offices.
I plan to hand quilt this with a dark brown thread with wide stitching on my quilting frame.
The photo on the left shows the whole quilt and the one on the right shows what the colours are really like.

Flowers in the Grass

The sawtooth border on the right of the top belongs to the quilt underneath.

Finally have you ever seen a feline sit like this for any length of time? I just had to have a photo Lady is just so funny at times. She sat like this for at least 10 minutes. Must have been comfortable.


Anonymous said...

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dynamicdreamz said...
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mac said...

Your quilt looks great.

Cathi said...

What a funny kitty pose! No wonder you had to grab a photo!
Love your snack quilt -- it looks wonderful!

marina said...

lovely hexie top. I see you have made the edges straight. I did that with mine too it gives it a neat finish.
Lady by name, Lady by nature!

Melody said...

Gorgeous to see your quilt top finished. And to see you write a post....grin.
Lady is such a beauty so its great to see her too.

Maddy said...

WOW You quilt looks wonderful, great post.