Saturday, December 25, 2010

Well it is Christmas over for another year, pressies have been opened and enjoyed. Lunch eaten and new gadgets (MP3 players) charged and downloaded.
My family all have new chairs to use, they have an interesting look to them but are good for the posture and comfortable.
They are called the Fitball chair and easy to assemble. Behind the chair is my new hand quilting frame now I just have to make leaders for the rods so it's off to spotlight tomorrow to brave the sales for some strong calico or canvas type material.

Here is a miniature I made for a quilter friend of mine who has moved interstate just recently. The red and white fir the christmas theme.  Good night all hope you have had or will have a safe and pleasurable christmas.


Frances Leate said...

Signature quilts make a lovely gift and I just love red and white - great mini quilt. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment from your new frame and get a chance to relax and use it in the next few days. Enjoy the rest of the Christmas season.

Christine M said...

I like the new candle holder!

Mad Quilter said...

I have the miniature friendship quilt on the wall above the phone in our kitchen. It's the only item on any wall as the picture hook was already there. Being in the rental we are not adding any new hooks. Because of the red and white Christmas colour, time of year it is perfect. Hope you have many hours of enjoyment with your new quilting frame. l to like your candle holder.

Micki said...

Happy Holiday! I love the red and white quilt..very lovely!

Claire - Matching Pegs said...

Happy Christmas to all from the Matching Pegs Family!