Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's almost Christmas and I have been busy away from Blogs. I have finished a couple of table runners and have given one away and just sewing the binding on the other. Both have embroidery on them which helped with the speed as hand piecing would have taken too long.
This one here is taken from a quilting stencil and is embroidered with a lovely hand dyed thread from Cottage Garden Threads by Pam Spurway
Beautiful and a very easy thread to work with.

This next photo shows the lovely shading in the threads. I used 3 different ones, a red dark to light, a lovely olively green dark to light and a pale gold.

The coon's now have matching trees (what else can you call a play gym which is nearly taller than me?At 5'7" I am not exactly short. This is Bess's, she is on top warning Spud it is all hers!

Last but not least I have grown Sweet Peas this year for the first time and I love the fragrance.
Here is a photo of some of my favorites

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Cathi said...

The table runner with embroidery is so pretty!! Love the pictures of the kitties!
Merry Christmas!