Sunday, January 15, 2017

En Provence & willpower

En Provence is proving to me that some quilts have a life of their own! First  the colours I wanted to use ended up mostly back in their boxes, family & xmas overtook us then when I did get the components done and the reveal happened I had to go back to make more. I had only done 1/2 as I wanted to make a smaller quilt, good, done. Layout I thought went ok but when webbing the top it came to me I had forgotten some of the outer star points - all of the red ones! How I don't know I am not colour blind - at least I didn't think so. Finally a top all webbed (with some corrections on the way). Took it home & showed my daughter who promptly showed me 3 more mistakes, I made her check the whole quilt for more & she found another 4!
This is my progress 1/2 quilt still webbed but progressing. Love the colours I did end up with a bright quilt for the Australian Summer. It might have a new name too- Coral Summer. Enjoy

Part 6 

I finished it before the deadline !!!!!! yay

Part 7 & my Reveal. Bess ends this post - you can do anything even if your space is very small.
and the link back: En Provence part 6 & 7
And the Linkup for the Finale:En Provence Finale. All t.he quilts are wonderful and there are some colour variations I would love to have tried. Next quilt enjoy.


Kim said...

This is gorgeous. I love the beautiful color combo.

Kerry said...

Love the colours too. :D Also love the cat in the box!

Vireya said...

Lovely coral summer colours!