Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RIP Bess

Bess our lady coon died of cancer on Oct 13th 2011.
Spud still misses her and so do we. At only 5 and with a life expectancy of 17 it was far too early.
Quilting has taken a back seat for the minute to work and knitting.
I do have a machine project in the works which I will post a picture of later.
Missy (Misty) was taken in to the Lort Smith Cattery earlier that week and was adopted by a young couple
who hopefully make her their feline queen. May she and they have a happy life together.


Maddy said...

We cannot feel life's losses without first feeling the blessings of its fullness.
It is always sad when we have to say our good bye to our family pets. May the memories remain strong.

marina said...

How sad to love your girl at such a young age. It's very tragic.
Lovely to hear your Missy has a lovely new home.

Cathi said...

It is so hard to lose a beloved pet, particularly one so young! She certainly was a beautiful girl!
How wonderful that Missy was adopted and is in her new home.