Friday, January 7, 2011

Stray Stitches Give Away

Linda from Stray Stitches is doing a giveaway. Pattern and Fabric, it is open to international peoples as well.
The Pattern and Fabric look very colourful go to her Blog to view it. and scroll down to view both.
Enjoy Happy sewing on this hot day (me with the Air conditioners on)
When it cools down this is what Spud does when he wants company. I think Bess is just a little put out with him as she usually takes up all the chair.


Cathi said...

What a great photo of Spud & Bess!! They are SO beautiful!

Micki said...

Is the cat on the left a Maine Coon? They are both so cute!
I used to have a Himalayan, but now I just have the two dogs.

Rhodes Creations said...

Love your cats! God bless you! Laura

Kristine said...

Just discovered your blog! love love love all the pictures of your cats!