Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I attended our local quilting guild's symposium over the weekend and did some fabric dyeing with a local tutor. I started with a yellow at one end and a red at the other and this is the range of graduated fabrics I got. The bottom fabrics were placed in the original bags 2 hours after the top ones and show how much dye was taken up by the first lot of fabrics. They will make beautiful applique roses and rose buds.

This next lot of fabrics showed what I did the day after with yellow at one end and blue at the other, as I wanted greens, and again the next lot of fabrics put in a couple of hours after the originals. The reds are one of the red dye I had at home and the next is an over dye of one of my first orange fabrics with red to see what it would be. roses and poppies for this lot I think with some of the greens to support them.

I am at last getting back to quilting. I am machine quilting a machine pieced quilt.
New territory for me and it's getting easier to freehand machine quilt. Practise and practise practise. Ufortunatley Spud decided to help me quilt. see the photo below.

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